Reflection “on the Cult of Books”

By Yariana Pino Sánchez

A teacher selects a pupil, but a book does not select its teachers, who may be wicked or stupid

Jorge Luis Borges

Prompt #1

As I read Jorge Luis Borges’ “On the Cult of Books” out loud, I realized how much control the reader has over the text. After finishing the prompt, I realized that plays are stories or books purposefully related to be read out loud and to an audience. I understand those to be the proper environment to read a text out loud. Even without realizing, the context or narrative of the author could be completely warped into a completely different experience because of the readers’ past experiences or understanding of the text. I would only feel comfortable reading a publication that was made to be read out loud by the author so that I am not overstepping a boundary. When reading the text myself, I usually interpret the writing to the best way I can understand it, but out of respect for the author and their creative aesthetic, I would only prefer the author read it to others instead of myself. The quote selected above stood out to me because of how it mirrors the power the reader has because of its ability to warp a writing however they want. This way there is respect for the author and their creation and it is not altered to be something the author did not mean or want it to be and the emphasis of the writing can be selected by the author as well. (n.d.). Philip Mould: HISTORICAL PORTRAITS: MISS AURAS, the Red book by Sir JOHN Lavery: Sir JOHN Lavery: Item Details. Philip Mould | Historical Portraits | Miss Auras, The Red Book by Sir John Lavery | Sir John Lavery | Item Details.