Continued Project Notes

Poem F

  • Repetition of destruction, space
  • Otherworldly
  • Cycles—ones that inevitably happen or happen again and again
  • Sharpness under the smoothness
  • Implantation of a sharp mood—whether change or no

Poem G

  • Unification
  • “Grossness,” animal eating animal
  • Just under the surface danger or violence
  • Artic foxes can’t see or smell rodent prey, they must stand and listen for their prey
  • Snowblind and sound driven
  • Cryptic—is the fox the one that now has wings? Ears as wings?
  • Rime= frost, crust
  • Sharp, intense, hidden sharpness, the rime as dangerous even
  • Confidence—strength of the leap
  • Forbodence, constant underlying threat of danger dancing between the lines of danger and safety
  • Artic fox as a metaphor for the cold

Possible layout ideas: To what degree do we want to set apart the sections?

  • Three different sections: cold, astronomy, Icelandic/Scandinavian culture
  • A specific set of art books maybe? With each section as its own “mini book”

Poem H

  • Claustrophobia, the beauty of your own enclosed space
  • The sky is heavy and small
  • Containers
  • Survival
  • Hoarding food so that I can eat later
  • Rotten seal meat? A culture of keeping food while you have it
  • Reverence for animals
  • A very cultural poem
  • Practical and mythical application of animals and fruit
  • Wild plum= fast growing, short lived, colony tree. Like grapes
  • Fruit, abundance. Meat, scarcity
  • Strangeness, uncomfortable, scary, violence, of an overfull barrel of seal meat
  • Our abusive nature of food

Poem I

  • Science and study
  • Scientific expedition mood
  • Intensity and assurance of oneself, begins as a question but ends with a period
  • The earth as a thief
  • Thinking about language as something analogous to the mechanisms as a barometer
  • Barometer gives pressurized feeling—connection to previous poem
  • Rhetorical question inspiring confidence
  • “Argot of thieves” Language of thieves, pressure to understand and adhere to the truth of the original manuscript
  • Idea of translator or poet as thief
  • Swinging from extreme to extreme

Poem J

Poem K

  • Juxtaposition of small versus large
  • Snow globes
  • Pointy moon, beam of light
  • Thrusting into privacy and enclosure
  • Consider altering “one soul of me”
  • Angular lines of houses and moons contrasted with shape of breath
  • Extreme theme of contraries constantly at play
  • Tension, paradoxes, opposites

Poem L

  • Infernal memory of the woman lost
  • Purpose
  • Forced containment, buried alive?
  • Chaos and order, how the sea is chaotic, and the land is more ordered and structured
  • The person as a landscape and the chaos and structure informing each other
  • Height
  • Illusion, seeing absence
  • Fjallagras: moss
  • Blodberg: creeping thyme
  • Metaphorical burial, self-confinement
  • A burial of syntax, closing each sentence
  • Mixing of Icelandic with English

Cover Design: Different translations of cold on the cover to honor both Icelandic and English interactions

  • The look of the Icelandic word
  • Different meanings of the word cold
  • Translations: English, Icelandic, and old Norse?
  • English cold could be very saturated and bright and fade out for the Icelandic and old Norse
  • Letterpress blank print impressions with no ink—silent text, white blanket
  • Lots of stark, dramatic white, invisible pressings of foxes or other images connected to poem
  • An actual letterpress, embossed cover
  • Pressed without ink or only having ink in part of it

Intermixing of cultures, extends to self and nature and relation between cultures

Cold: trying to protect yourself from something that goes straight to your bones

Ghostly apparitions of ice, snow, and fog

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