The Elements

I am beyond excited to have the opportunity to work with my small press publishing class on a manuscript finalist submission that we will be turning into a personalized book. This is an amazing opportunity for the author of the manuscript and the student who get to design and publish this author’s work. In reading through Meg Matich’s manuscript, I felt a recurring theme surrounding the elements grab my attention. Some of the poems within Matich’s manuscript appeal to the properties of air and water, while others appeal to the earth and fire. Interestingly, I found a unique connection to the four basic elements that essentially make up everything on earth-within Matich’s single manuscript. Essentially, I decided to construct a mood board composed of various digital images, materials, and other design elements that collectively come together to symbolize our next project surrounding Meg Matich’s manuscript and its creation into a book.

I decided to incorporate a series of photographs that are related specifically to Saint Vincent College because this book project was made possible by a Saint Vincent sponsor who believed in publishing authors from the SVC community and wanted to continue this tradition for many years to come.

I also found this really fun and creative website that discusses how to write a poetry book.

1 thought on “The Elements”

  1. I thought it was really interesting how you chose to use photographs of Saint Vincent within your post to highlight the connection between Meg’s poems and Eulalia. I think it’s a really great way to honor the memory of how all of this came to be and the way the Joe O’Connor series is for members of the Saint Vincent community. Overall, the seasons of SVC is a really cool way to further show the connection between Meg, her work, and the college she came from.


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