The Shining Colors

“The Sun is Shining, but I Don’t Trust It” by Kate Horvat particularly stood out to me because of its vibrance. Its red and blue colors are very eye catching and the long rectangular shape is very out of the norm when compared with common publishings.

Silkscreen printing method involves putting ink across a printing frame that is placed on top of the paper. It then is used to push the ink onto the paper under it. The same frame can be used until it is broken. This allows the pages to have its vibrance. This frame uses a very specific font all throughout the book, Henderson Slab. Its wide and boxy shapes take up a lot of space in the pages because of the large amount of spacing there is between the letters. The font is really significant to the book because of how it highlights the significance of the writing. The coloring of the pages is also significant. The pages are all mostly bright red and blue. Even the images and background words of the pages are red or blue and have the written text on top with the opposite color. Most pages are different news articles with their respective text with the color over it.

My favorite part of the book is the binding. Screw post binding is used by making holes into the pages large enough for the size screw that is going to be used. Then the author must create two pages, usually hardcover, and fold page bindings on the corners where the screws will go. It is similar to a portfolio structure yet it does not have a spine since the screws are what holds in the hardcover that goes around it. Since it is an open structure book, meaning the pages aren’t sewn or glued together. They are all individual pages with a joint in the middle, also known as a codex structure book. I very much like how differently structured the book is and how attractive it can be to any audience.

Images acquired from:

Horvat, K. (2020, October 1). The Sun is shining, but I don’t trust it – artist’s book. Women’s Studio Workshop. Retrieved September 28, 2021, from

3 thoughts on “The Shining Colors”

  1. I appreciate that you added how screenprinting actually happens. I always appreciate books, but now knowing the effort that goes into it, it adds a layer of appreciation. And the fact that it’s mostly newspaper clippings gives it appeal, at least for me.


  2. I love the vibrancy of the pages of this book– it really captured my attention. I also love how you pointed out the binding. I initially didn’t think about it at all, but it really adds a dimension to the book’s artistry.


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