Color Order

Ever since I was little I have been an incredibly visual person. To be able to understand a topic I always prefer the availability of learning it in person through the use of visual aid. I noticed how big of an impact that took in my learning when I was in elementary school learning new vocabulary words. If the teacher wrote the words on the board, it would become significantly easier for me to learn. Quizzes in which teachers would read the question aloud instead of writing it down also created a lot of confusion for me. I would not be able to understand the question most of the time unless it was written down or I wrote it down on my sheets of paper. This is why I use color when learning and studying. The use of color facilitates the learning process for me. Because of this, I created a color order for me to always use and organize myself. The order is Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Red, Brown, and Black. I do not have any reasoning for in which I organized them this way but I have always used this specific order for at least ten years. I use it from common things such as organizing my clothes to more complicated topics like studying for class. While other people use the more common color order of the rainbow, I found that my color order was personalized to myself and what I liked. I thought the Accordion Book to be an ideal way to showcase something so important and useful to me for so many years. I also have worked as a photographer since my junior year of high school and have continued to my job throughout my entire time at Saint Vincent College. I thought it an ideal contrast for me to use images on one size of the Accordion Book to present the depth of each color while using the other size to have more external texture. Seeing that I have treated the Accordion Book as a sculpture instead of a textual narrative, I wanted there to still be filled with context, which is why I tried to use mundane objects as the external aid.

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