Brainstorming an Accordion Book

            In my opinion, brainstorming is one of the hardest parts of any creative process, especially when you’re given an incredibly open-ended prompt. Usually, I’ll struggle in any regard when it comes to brainstorming, for I’ll either have way too many ideas or none at all; rarely will I ever find that happy middle ground. In the case of our newest project, the accordion book, my creative process has been no different. 

            Thankfully, I had an issue with the former of the two problems, as I quickly became overwhelmed with ideas. As I flipped through examples, thought about my interests and passions, and considered what would look best in the format presented to us, I just continued to add idea after idea into my little list. I eventually managed to weed down my ideas to a small handful, but not without a lot of trial an error. 

A photo of the accordion books that I recently folded for the upcoming project. If you need a good tutorial on how to fold them, I used the one here. The photo was taken by me.

So, what were the ideas that I whittled down to? 

One of the first ideas that I came up with, and one that I thought would look really cool when finished, was an animation based accordion book. I’m currently learning how to animate in a separate class this semester, and we recently made flipbook animations earlier in the semester; I figured I could either reuse or create a flipbook and turn it into an accordion book. Each page could have a single notecard or piece of the animation, that way when you pull it out you can easily put it together. In a similar manner, I eventually considered making a comic book with each page as a panel, but that was much later in the week. 

Since I’m in one of the horsemanship classes, I decided I could make a book with each of the horses from the barn involved. Each page would carry brief bits of information for each one and little pictures alongside them; it would be something I could share with both small press and the horsemanship class should I choose to create it. I would be able to fit each page to the horse and their personalities, hopefully capturing them to the best of my ability.

Another popular idea I had was reusing old coloring book pages and cutting them to fit on the inside of each page. I could choose whether to follow each of the designs or create my own for each page, and I could essentially make my own “coloring book” out of others. When finished, it would be almost abstract in design with a flurry of colors to coincide with it. 

So, what was the winner? 

The horses! 

A work in progress photo of my design for the accordion book project. The photo was taken by me.

Although the horse accordion would be a little more complicated than the others, it’s more personal than the rest. When completed, it would have more meaning to me, and it’s a piece that I can look back on and reminisce about both the club itself and how I’ve grown in the sport. I’ll be able to make little designs for each of the horses, ones that will hopefully capture their individual personalities, and I can flip through it when I wish to see them again. 

I’m looking forward to seeing how it’ll turn out!

6 thoughts on “Brainstorming an Accordion Book”

  1. I really love your accordion book! The accordion format is interesting because the horses’ faces will really jump off the page, probably more so than with a traditional format. It adds an another sense of life to the drawings and the book, especially since your subject matter is one that is very much linked with motion. I’m excited to see how your accordion book looks when it is finished!

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  2. I am completely blown away by the amazing drawings you have created. It is a very impressive talent that I think is great to showcase in the Accordion Book. I hope that while you are developing the drawings and planning everything out you are able to reflect back on images from the farm and compare the two. Will these drawings create a larger visual storyline or is each flap an individual design or sketch?

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  3. You had so many awesome ideas, but the horses are definitely my one of my favorites. It adds a personal touch to the book and I think that it’ll make it turn out really cool. One of my favorite things about these projects is seeing all of the neat ideas people come up with and how their personalities are able to shine through them. What you have so far already looks awesome and I can’t wait to see the finished product!

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  4. Your ideas were all so cute, and I love your drawings of the horses so much! I’m definitely excited to see how your chosen concept will turn out, but I’m also super intrigued by the idea of a flipbook animation accordion book that you raise here. If you ever end up making that one in your free time, I’d definitely want to see it!

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  5. Glad that, reading this post now, I get to peek back into your process! There IS an element of coloring-book in your finished product, actually! And, while not actually animated, the figures really remind me of cartoon characters, in their personality and style–i.e., they could be animated.


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