What’s Poetry? It’s a Party!

It’s the end of the semester, and we’ve finally wrapped up our publishing process! Why Poetry? by Joe O’Connor is out and about, chillin’ in the book racks along with the rest of Eulalia’s publications, and it’s available for order online as well.

The launch party took place on December 4, and we had a proper turnout. First, Professor Michelle Gil-Montero introduced the Joe O’Connor Poetry Series to the audience, explaining the origin of her friendship and alliance with Mr. Joe O’Connor that ultimately led to the establishment of the series this year. She then called Joe to read from his poetry chapbook, comment on the process of beginning the series and writing the poems, and proclaim his thanks towards everybody who took part in the whole process. It was a night of good fun, many sentiments, and plenty of ideas to go around.

I have personally learned a lot from Joe and his poems, the value of simplicity, appreciation of nature, and time spent thinking about how to help others among the many things I have taken note of. I hope to be able to reach Joe’s level of mellow yet powerful wisdom someday, so that I may be able to aid in others’ realizations of their dreams just as he has. Thank you, Joe, for the wonderful opportunity to read your poetry and learn from the process of transforming it into a chapbook, and thank you, Michelle, for making this semester of learning and growing a reality!!

See the book description here

Buy the book online here

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