Process of Creating a Book Announcement

Our class’s ultimate goal was to publish a chapbook of poems written by Mr. Joe O’Connor, and all of us students were assigned to one of four groups in order to contribute to the process of getting the book out into the world. I was part of the Book Announcement group, together with Jessica, Christian, and Emily.

The process of creating a book announcement was not particularly difficult — confusing, trying, yes, but not outright impossible. All four of us took part in formatting the page, moving around text, and researching for outside information in order to draft the announcement. Though we went through many trials, we finally, with the help of our press coordinator, Bridget, and Professor Gil-Montero, were able to conceive an end result that only required a few more touches (such as an isbn#). Some trials the Book Announcement went through are below:

The most difficult part of drafting was successfully imitating the font the cover team came up with for the title, Why Poetry?, and finding a visually appealing format that would still allow us to fit all of the required information onto the page. Finding the type font itself for Why Poetry? was quite easy, as the leader of the Cover Team, Micaela, kindly provided us with the proper name of the font; the challenging part came into play when we realized that the effect making the imperfect fill function on the font look like a letterpress technique did not automatically come with the type font. We had to do our best to achieve a similar effect ourselves, and it seems to have come out alright, so I’m not complaining!

Please support our book by pre-ordering it here!

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