On Screenprinting and Other Trials

This semester, our class took on the responsibility of silkscreening 300 covers of Why Poetry?, which we later began to bind by hand using a simple yet lengthy aligning, poking, and sewing technique. To print the book covers by hand, we returned to Meshwork Press like champions and wreaked havoc in a larger area than last time.

Haylee, founder and owner of the press, assisted us in learning a method of screenprinting called silkscreen printing. Silkscreen printing involves use of a custom-made stencil and a squeegee to pass ink onto a page and allows the transfer of multiple unique copies of a single image. The result of each trial is different in color, texture, and alignment.

We all had a lot of fun together and were able to successfully print a fair amount of book covers, all of which was different in its own way!

Post from Eulalia’s twitter page here

Find our class’s first experience at Meshwork Press here


“What Is Silkscreen Printing.” HarmstonArts, https://www.harmstonarts.com/the- process.html#/.

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