Launch Complete

The launch of the book, Why Poetry looked like it was a lot of fun and insightful. It sucks that I wasn’t able to actually attend the event in person. But thanks to technology, I was still able to see/attend the event via Facebook Live. Due to this, it was as if I was really didn’t miss anything. I was able to hear Joe read the poems and the questions everyone had. It was nice to see everything come together. The event looked like it went smoothly, and the book look amazing. Most importantly, Joe seemed like he was happy with how everything came together.

I think that Danny did a great job giving the introduction/warmup to Joe. His delivery was great. He seemed confident in what he was saying. The content of the introduction was also great. It did a good job summarizing Joe. It did a good job of stating his accomplishments and giving general information about him. It also kept the purpose of the event in mind. Doing this gave the audience a preview of what the speaker would be doing.

When Joe began reading the poems, it brought me back to a discussion we had in class. In one of the class sessions, he talked about when poets read poetry out loud. He said that poetry is meant to be read slowly. By reading poetry slowly, it allows the audience to digest what the poet is saying and draw their conclusions. I noticed that when he read his poems, he did just that. He read slow enough for the audience to digest what he was saying and draw conclusions.

I liked that after every poem, he had a few things to say. Even if it was just general background information, an explanation, or a story that related to the poem. It made understanding the context of each poem easier and made him relatable. I also liked the passion he had for allowing our class to publish his book. He seemed to be invested and passionate about allowing us students to do something like this.

This whole semester and project have been eye-opening. Before this class, I had no real idea of what all it took to launch/publish a book. I didn’t know there were so many components to consider when doing something like this. I didn’t consider how hard and important it is to pick out the perfect design, layout, typeface, and marketing. I’m thankful that I was able to be a part of something like this. I learned a lot that I didn’t know about books, publishing, publishers, and typeface.

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  1. O’Connor was definitely an excellent reader! He spoke very slowly and clearly so that the audience could take in the poetry, which is very important when reading shorter and simpler poems. I was impressed by the structure of the readings also! All readings I had seen so far were all the same – an explanation and then a reading that typically felt like it was dragging on because the person would just read poem after poem. I really like how O’Connor setup the stage for each poem as it made each poem feel inspired and important. Some of the jokes and information shared in between readings lightened the mood and changed the focus in a good way.


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