Putting the Launch Together

As our class is coming to an end, we have all been split into groups to get ready for the book launch. I am on the event and promotions team. This was very exciting since it pertains directly to my major of communication. Our group had several tasks such as organizing photography and sound to cover the event, writing a press release, organizing the food, and choosing promotional materials such as posters and post cards to get out to spread the word about the event. 

My task was to contact marketing and communication and get photography and audio for the event. I first submitted a form online and then followed up with an email to make sure we could get it done. Then we had some dates and times changed, I followed up again to make sure this task was completed properly. Through this process as well as being a communication major, I have found it’s best to always follow up no matter what, this shows you are responsible, and you and your party are on the same page about the expectations and deadlines for your event or project. 

That was the first part of my task, then as a group we came together to choose what posters and post cards we wanted printed and displayed to get people to come to our event. There were many to choose from due to the fact a whole Layout and Design class designed many for us to choose from. Danny, our team leader, chose his top favorites and he wanted our input as well. I carefully looked at all the designs and chose my favorite. I first chose a poster because it has all the information, we are looking for to display to our audience (who, what, where when, why) and it was done in a tasteful manner. I found the lettering and design to be clear and easy to understand and it will get people’s attention. I thought the color scheme went with our theme for the event (the brown and blue remind me of the Leaves of Grass analogy that we have spoken of in this class. I thought the photo of our author is in a good position and it compliments the book cover. I think the biography about him and about Eulalia Books in appropriate and provides a clear message for what we are going for. 

Then after studying all the post cards, I chose one that matches the poster nicely with the color scheme of the light brown, black text and blue cover. I think the fact the poster and post card complement each other shows the continuity within them. I think the post card has all the information in a neat and detailed format. The simplicity makes it easier to read and understand. I think many people will hold on to it for future information about Eulalia Books. After the poster and post card is chosen then we will spread the word all about the book launch around campus, on social media, and through word of mouth. 

I enjoyed this part of the process as well as help iron out all the details of the event. It was great to work together as a team as well as see all the different parts that go into pulling a book launch together. I can’t wait for December 4 to see all our hard work pay off as “Why Poetry?” is released!

2 thoughts on “Putting the Launch Together”

  1. I really appreciated the parallels you drew between your work as a communication major and the work your team is doing for the book launch. As an English and communication double major, I am always using skills that cross over between the communication and publishing fields.


  2. Continuity is very important especially when working within a small press. Small presses and small events/organizations in general can be seen as disorganized or generally unmemorable if there are a lot of materials with different themes being distributed. I know I have thought about this at certain events where it seems like the event doesn’t know what it wants to be. For larger events or organizations is not as big of a deal as they a already have have an image or name familiarity already. Great job at thinking about this.


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