For the past few weeks, we’ve been working on preparing for the Joe O’Connor event. For this event, we were all asked to sign up for ways we wanted to help. We were able to choose to help with the book cover, interior pages, book announcements, and event planning. I decided I wanted to be part of the event planning. In the event planning group, our responsibilities consisted of choosing the flyers, postcards/pamphlets, advertise on social media, write a news release, get it in The Review, arrange photography and audio, arrange refreshments, and prepare an introductory statement.        

My responsibility is to arrange the refreshments. Danny Whirlow, my team leader let me know that we wanted something simple and no meals. After looking through the catering guide, I realized that this might not be as simple as I thought. There were so many options, but most of the options were meals. While looking at the catering guide, I realized I didn’t know some things. I didn’t know the budget, how many people were coming, or what time of day the event was taking place.

I decided to send professor Gil-Montero an email. In the email, I told her some of the choices I was considering and the questions I had. The choices I sent were to get a feel of what we were looking for. I also sent the choices to Danny. He let me know that one of my choices might not be appropriate for such a formal event. He also told me what they had at other similar events. Getting this information from Danny was helpful. 

With this information, it helped me understand what they were expecting. I looked over the catering guide and came up with what I believe were great options. Options that fit the event and are still simple. I choose to do a Cheese and Fruit Display (or one of them by themselves), Cantina Bar, and Sweet Treats Bar. I sent these options to Danny, and he told me he would get feedback from our professor. 

Through the blog posts, I’ve gotten to see the book covers. I think they look great. This whole experience has been interesting and eye-opening. I never thought that I would be helping publish a book and helping put together an event. This process has opened my eyes to what all goes into publishing a book. Hopefully, everything comes together as Joe envisions it.

1 thought on “Update”

  1. Anything where you are trying to satisfy a large number of people can be more intimidating than it seems at first! I know I always have to take a lot of different things into consideration when I am setting up meetings for my Anime Club each week since there are so many different types of people there. Events where we have to get food on a budget is also a challenge, especially in the case where you are not getting a meal that has a little bit of everything for everybody. Everything at the event was great – so good job!


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