Why Poetry? My Contribution

I’ve always had a passion for reading and writing and up until my sophomore year of college I finally realized…hey! Why not go into publishing? Or something along those lines. I love everything about the process: editing, proofreading, layout, design, etc. Being able to work on Why Poetry? is awesome and great experience. I found myself comfortable with the process because Ursuline College has its own literary magazine Inscape. I was an editor/contributor to the magazine last year and I am currently the editor-in-chief. It’s such a fun and rewarding experience!

For Why Poetry? the first task I had to do was proofread the entirety of the text. Luckily Joe’s writing was almost print ready to begin with so the process wasn’t as tedious. But proofreading can be extremely difficult at times, especially when the author would much rather write than edit their own work. I also had to pick several fonts that might look well for the copy; they influenced the final decision for the font choice. I don’t think many people realize just how important font is sometimes!

I decided that I wanted to utilize my design skills and create a bookmark to go with the poetry book.

Image of bookmark ©Haleigh Platt. Quote ©Joe O’Connor

The design inspiration was pulled from the cover art. I used orange and blue because they are a complementary color combination. I also thought it worked well with the imagery. I used one of my favorite quotes as a textual element with a handwriting style font. For the designing, I used Canva, an open sourced website that is one of the best resources for designing pretty much anything.

I am not a big fan of poetry but reading Joe’s poems makes me appreciate the form of writing more and hopefully I will read more in the future!

1 thought on “Why Poetry? My Contribution”

  1. I really like the color combination! It works well and feels Joe-like! Font is definitely more important than some people take it for – just like how we explored different typefaces, fonts can make a big difference in how we see things.


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