Northwest Muses

by Jacob Snizik

Since I have family out there, and since it’s often a more artsy market than the ones here in the east, I went looking for my poetry journal out in the Pacific Northwest, and I found a very interesting and exciting one.

The journal is called Moss: a journal of the Pacific Northwest. It is a publication based in and available all throughout the PNW, from Seattle to Portland to Spokane and even down into Los Angeles. In Seattle and Spokane (both in Washington state) it is available in their public libraries as a publication and within it, is all the fiction works as well as poetry from all the locals writers on the rise in that region of the country.

The piece that caught my eye while I was going through the site was the most recent piece, publishing just on September 10th, in their “New Moss” subsection. It’s by the local poet John Englehardt and is titled, “Be Okay, It Will Be Okay”.

I will leave a link to the piece at the bottom of the post in case anyone wants to read it for themselves.

As far as analysis of the first page, and I’m not going to spoil anything, the author paints quite a picture, and it turns out that this is a short story, not a poem, but it’s still just as fun to read. The boldness of the header, after reading the story, can be seen as heralding the initial action, but again you’ll have to get into it yourself to understand.

I really think I’ve found a great resource here and I look forward to discovering everything this publication has to offer.

Citation and Link:

Moss. A Journal of the Pacific Northwest.,

2 thoughts on “Northwest Muses”

  1. Jake–great discovery. The pacific northwest has a lot of literary life, and this magazine looks like a great place to start reading that region. Have you identified an area to focus your reading–an author whose work appears across different issues, or a theme? Email me if you need help!


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