IDK Magazine

While I was attempting to look for magazine publications that stood out most to me, I came across IDK Magazine. I find that the title sums up exactly what a publication should be – limitless, non-conforming, and creative. This magazine is an online literary magazine, which happens to publish out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Founded in the year 2013, IDK Magazine only publishes twice a year with one issue released in the winter and one in the summer.

I wanted to write about a publication that seemed very innovative and fresh, which can already be assumed just by looking at the editing staff on their webpage. The editors are a group of diverse individuals, varying in gender identities, race, and age. I think this alone shows that the magazine will reach a wide-range of people, because more will be able to relate to a platform with varying voices behind it.

After reading a few short stories among various issues, I found the common theme between all of these pieces is how very real and, I want to say, direct. They’re real, because these are real people writing these short stories; no characters, no grand schemes – just genuine people telling their truths. I liked “Rally Kid” by Tess Wilson, because the details that were given made me feel like I was actually there with author. I could see the BMW, feel the stickiness and the denim in the sun, feel the bugs between my own teeth. I like fiction more than the next gal, but sensory details, I find, are what makes a story jump off the screen, whether it’s fiction or not. This specific piece does that for me.

Photo courtesy of IDK Magazine
Poetry courtesy of IDK Magazine written by Tess Wilson

I’m I looking forward to hopefully doing a whole paper based off what I see and read in IDK Magazine!

Rally Kid by Tess Wilson
IDK Magazine

2 thoughts on “IDK Magazine”

  1. I really like how you went for a new publication and the fact that it is from Pittsburgh, makes it even more relatable. The title is interesting and also open, almost as if you can choose what you want to write about or publish. I like that freedom. “Rally Kid” sounds like an interesting read and also very detailed with the setting and storyline. I’m looking forward to see what else you come across when working on your paper.

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  2. It is really cool that you found a publication from Pittsburgh! I feel like the publication is very representative of the nature of Pittsburgh! Themes of diversity, people who are down-to-earth, rich stories, and unique art are some of the best highlights of Pittsburgh!


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