Ezra Pound and The Little Review

For my term paper, I decided to take a deeper look into the Modernist Journal- The Little Review and focuses on Ezra Pound’s writing that is found throughout this publication. 

The Little Review was a literary magazine founded by Margaret Anderson in March 1914. Although it was started by Anderson, Jane Heap and Ezra Pound were also instrumental in making it the transatlantic literary magazine that is still remembered today. It was around for fifteen years and during that time it was one of the chief periodicals in the English-speaking world. Its final publication was issued in May 1929. It was known for publishing experimental writing and publicizing international art. It is also known for the vast topics it covered and the different schools it pooled from to have writer’s get their work published, 23 schools of art and nineteen countries were represented in The Little Review. The countries of America, Great Britain, Ireland, and France had the most representation. A more detailed background and biography can be found here, courtesy of a joint project of Brown University and The University of Tulsa. 

© The Little Review

There was a variety of international literature that came from this literary magazine. The Little Review also took on the idea based on imagism and was an anarchist publication. The most notable achievement was the series of 23 installments by James Joyce’s Ulysses

The Little Review first began publishing in Chicago, before moving to San Francisco for a year, then travelling across the country to New York City in 1917, and then moving to Paris in 1922. It started small but then gained publicity and was well known in many countries.

Notable writers who had pieces published in The Little Review include Djuna Barnes, T. S. Eliot, Wyndham Lewis, Mina Loy, Francis Picabia, Dorothy Richardson, May Sinclair, Gertrude Stein, W. C. Williams, and W. B. Yeats. Many got their start from The Little Review

When I was looking through the different volumes and issues of The Little Review, I came across Number 1 of Volume VI that was published in May 1919. I read “Avis” which was written by Ezra Pound. I first noted that the whole journal looks fairly uniform, there are some pictures or artwork between the different poems or short stories, but this looks as if it was mass produced. It looks well organized and clean and easy for any reader to follow. In “Avis”, Pound includes different countries and their affairs including America, England and France, this is consistent with the type of content that this literary magazine produced. He also talks about other writers of the time such as T.S. Elliot and Robert Frost, this makes this piece more relatable. “Avis” is only two pages so it is short enough that people could read it in one sitting and could enjoy the short piece. People could pick up any edition and read it in one sitting or in multiple sittings depending on how much time they had. Each edition would feature many poems by different authors or short stories as well as artwork and a letter from the editor. There was something for everyone in The Little Review.

I am excited to be doing more research into The Little Review

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