The title of my book is Perfect. Perfect is also the name of the poem I used for this assignment. Perfect is a poem that I asked my sister to help me write. She enjoys writing and I had trouble writing, I thought I could get her to help me. The inspiration from the poem came from the movie A Walk To Remember.

A book is a “stack of paper sheets and printed on both sides, bound on one end, and encased between two covers”. (Amaranth Borsuk). The look of my book is a folded book. A folded book “also known as an accordion or concertina, was a flat, rectangular volume, and its height came directly from the scrolls that preceded it since the paper sheets used were generally the length of the papermaker’s arm” (Amaranth Borsuk). I also tried to make it a side-bound book. A side-bound book is “portable and durable, it is easy to reference, and its economical pages allow writing on both sides” (Amaranth Borsuk). By look and definition of what a book is, I think Perfect qualifies as a book.

To make my book, I decided to use materials that were around my house. For the cover of my book, I used scrap construction paper. For the rest of the pages, I wrote the pages on the scrap construction paper. I tried to make all my pages look the same. As far as making sure every page had the same number of stanzas on them. Ulises Carrion said when talking about old books. “In an old book all the pages are the are the same. When writing the text, the writer followed only sequential laws of language, which are not the sequential laws of books. Words might be different on every page; but every page is as such, identical with the preceding ones and with those that follow” (Ulises Carrion). Once the pages were printed, I folded them to give it the look of a folded book. Because I used the material that was available to me around my house, I think it is an accurate reflection of the world I live in and what available to me.

Our desired reader for Perfect would be those who enjoy weddings and descriptive readings. Perfect is a poem about a wedding so readers who enjoy weddings should like this book. They would like how descriptive it is. The description would allow the reader to vividly picture what is written. The description would also allow the reader to feel the emotions we were trying to convey. Designing the cover of the book to reflect the content on the inside helps anticipate the desire of my imagined reader.

The language I used in the book is simple and descriptive. This allows our desired reader to picture and feel what it is we’ve written. The simple language also connects to the simple material I used. This also connects to the simple definition of what makes a book a book.

Work Cited:

Borsuk, Amaranth. The Book. (Boston: MIT Press, 2018).

Carrion, Ulies. The New Art of Making Books. Aegean Editions, 2001.

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2 thoughts on “Perfect”

  1. I like the visuals in your book! The theme of simplicity works well with the format of your book and I think that it was a smart move to focus on just one object per page and simple texts. I cannot help but think of Shel Silverstein’s ability to use simplistic language and art to create a memorable experience for the reader.


  2. Very nice work grounding your choices in your secondary sources. A side-bound, folded book is not just a ‘regular’ book, you realize, but an object that is asking us to relate with it in a particular way. You identify sequence, and symmetry, as considerations in your book’s “simplicity” and adherence to tradition. This is a book that we can recognize immediately as a book, even as it is handmade with easily available materials and not printed but hand-written.
    I wish that you would have said more about the collaborative authorship of your book! To have two authors, vs. one, is a fascinating thing! It throws off the idea of the individual writers’ dominance. How does your collaboration with your sister affect your feelings toward the book, your sense of ownership? How does the very idea of there being “sister-authors” connect with the subject matter? (I would love to read the book! I’m hoping that we can display these books at our final launch party…though I realize that you will not be present in person!)
    Very nice work!


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