The Zine

“Electra Heart Isn’t Dead”, September 22, 2019. © Haleigh Platt

I have never heard of zines but after doing some research and looking at different zines out there, it’s a really cool concept! The thing I love most about the zine is that the ideas are endless, it’s what the creator makes of it: “Whether the ultimate goal is to inform, to agitate, to smear or to celebrate, their contents are as raw as the cut-and-paste aesthetic that provided their defacto look, pre-Etsy” (Halliday). Presently, most forms of publication are going digital, but zines are very creative and have an authentic look to them.

Most of the zines I found looked similar to me but eventually one caught my attention and I chose to use it as inspiration. The zine I chose is called Superfly (issue 4). Not much information is provided with this zine, other than it was made in Ontario, Canada and the author goes by Tess. The zine appears to contain not only her own writing but also writing she recycled from other zines. It’s hard to grasp the overall theme of her writing, as it is very scattered and sometimes doesn’t make much sense but it’s artistic all the same. She talks about society and how it scares her sometimes, how women our viewed in our culture, and her own life experiences. Tess has a lot to say and she doesn’t hesitate to tell us what she feels, thinks, and lives through. Although this zine was a bit choppy and difficult to understand at times, it’s definitely unique and creative in its own way; it’s aesthetic pulled me in before the words did.

I think this zine is a good example of how commonplace a zine can be; it doesn’t have to be written by a world-renowned author but by an ordinary girl who has something she wants to share with others. I love how raw and real this zine felt, I could connect with Tess and her writing in a weird way. For my zine, I simply took the overall design of hers and created a choppy looking, black and white piece. I love music and am very much connected to it, so for my content I got my inspiration from a favorite artist of mine, Marina. I used her song concepts and some lyrics/song titles and made them my own. The drawing is an original based off of one of her album covers. Doing this project makes me want to create my own zine; there’s something relaxing about creating a project with paper and glue instead of a computer. After doing this project, I’ve realized that zines are a crucial part of the literary world and although are very creative by nature, they can be tools for advocacy and major issues that can’t be swept under the rug.

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2 thoughts on “The Zine”

  1. I like the design of your zine. You are very talented. Much like the author of your zine, the author I read is also honest. Because of the topic (sexual assault & harassment) of the zine I choose, I thought it was amazing that she was honest and open. I commend her and the other brave writers who shard their stories. I also choose my zine because of the way it looked. Though it was a collection of stories, it looked like someone’s journal or diary to me. Some of the stories had drawings at the end of them. To me, this gave the zine a more personal feel.


  2. Your zine looks great! Right away I was taken away by the eyes of the character presented on the zine and I don’t think I could forget the character if I saw her again. The zine almost reminds me of a magazine cover, except more crafty and homemade.


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